Activities & Galleries

Daily & weekly activities...

All residents are presented and encouraged to take part in numerous activities.  Activities are tailored to challenge and maintain mental stimulation.  Activities go beyond mere craft based ‘time passing’, therefore Rosebank benefits from the services of many external companies.  These include, home safari,  play and theatre groups, musical groups to name but a few.  A daily and weekly activity programme ensure residents as well as their relatives are fully aware of what is planned.

The Rosebank social calendar is very busy with a themed evening / day on a monthly basis. Some themed events include; St Patricks Day, fireworks night, halloween and summer fetes. All Rosebank residents and staff thoroughly enjoy these special occassions!

Weekly day trips out allow all of our residents to enjoy the luxury of Rosebank's very own minibus. The minibus is used on a planned basis every Saturday and Sunday, and allows us to visit many local and regional attractions. We can't remember life at Rosebank before the minibus!

Life is for living - Rosebank Care Home - providing care beyond your expectations!